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Cleve Phillips 2

Cleve Phillips

"King Kudzu"

Just happened to stop by the store next door for some batteries. We were camping at Black Rock Mountain. Saw this wonderful and very inviting place next door with the coolest pieces i have ever seen. I didn't know what kudzu art was....neither did i know you could make art, soap and candy out of this strangling vine. I was met by the artist who was working on a piece...very friendly and invited us inside. I wish we had more time to adventure through the existing floors but we had to leave. I hope to return as i got the sense of a loving earthly artist...his friendliness was above and beyond. I was blown away by his work and knowledge of the kudzu vine...there were also remedies too! I hope you and your cool business thrive! Be back soon someday i hope!


Slide Jessica White, Facebook "Love this place! Beautiful yard art in the form of big animals. " Slide Tairi Ortiz, Facebook "Cleve Is incredibly talented and truly passionate about Kudzu! Loved his work ! Can't wait to visit again. " Slide Jedidiah Theodore DeBruin, Facebook "Superb wood craftsmanship and amazing hearted people hands/trees down." Slide Jan Waldron-Pringle, Facebook "Love to visit the KF. Always fun and interesting to see the latest creations. From the tiniest, beautiful hand woven bashet to the most interesting, one-of-kind kudzu basket, l continue to be amazed at the creativity. Nothing is cooler than one of King's kudzu trees!!"

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